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Maintenance of solar systems

Maintenance - for the lifetime of your system

Initially, there are no legal regulations that Maintenance of solar systems oblige you to do so. However, regular maintenance allows you to recognise defects at an early stage, avoid sudden module failures, counteract power losses and correct drops in performance. Over time, maintenance can also potentially increase the service life of your solar system. 

Also check any requirements from the insurance company and the manufacturer of the system - it is quite possible that they will prescribe recurring inspections and tests for your solar system. Keep records of the results of inspections and maintenance work to track changes or problems over time.

Why should solar systems be maintained?

In themselves, solar systems are low-maintenance. However, soiling, damage and technical problems can occur over time. By cleaning the solar modules,monitoring the energy yield and inspecting the cabling, such problems can be recognised early and rectified before they affect energy production. Maintenance helps to maximise the benefits of your investment and avoid expensive repairs.

How often does a solar thermal system need to be inspected?

The frequency of maintenance for a solar power system can vary depending on the location, environmental conditions and manufacturer guidelines. For example, if the solar system is located near agricultural land, it may need to be cleaned more frequently due to dust pollution. Solar systems should also be checked after heavy weather events. Otherwise, it is advisable to fully maintain a solar system every one or two years.

What should be checked during maintenance?

When servicing your system, the PV modules themselves should first be inspected for external damage such as cracks, scratches, discolouration or broken glass. The mounting system is also included in the maintenance to ensure that it is stable and intact. The cabling and connections must be checked for visible damage, loose connections, corrosion or cracks. It should be ensured that all connections are secure and tight. The inverter must also be included in the maintenance and checked for signs of deterioration, overheating or error messages. Maintenance also includes inspecting the meter and electricity storage unit.

  • Solar modules: Inspection for cracks, scratches, discolouration and glass breakage
  • Mounting system: Check that it is stable and intact
  • Wiring and connections: Check for loose connections, corrosion and cracks
  • Check inverters, meters and battery storage for functionality

Performance test

For new and existing systems: Ask us directly for a quote for the performance test of your solar system.

costs for the maintenance of a solar system

The costs for the maintenance of a solar system depends on several factors, including the size of the installation, its complexity, location and regional labour costs. It is advisable to get quotes from several solar technology companies or professionals to get an idea of regional maintenance costs and choose the best option for your solar installation. A regular maintenance is an important investment to ensure the long-term performance and service life of your system.

The following factors influence the cost of maintaining a solar thermal system:

  • System size: Larger solar installations generally require more time and labour for maintenance, which can lead to higher costs.
  • Complexity of the system: Solar installations can have different components and configurations that affect maintenance costs. A simple, stand-alone system may have lower maintenance costs compared to a complex system with multiple inverters and monitoring systems.
  • Location: The location of the system can influence the maintenance costs, as some regions have extreme environmental conditions that may require additional measures.
  • Maintenance contract: Some solar system operators enter into maintenance contracts that cover regular inspections and maintenance work. These contracts can have different cost structures, including annual flat fees or costs per visit.
  • Repairs: If problems requiring repairs are identified during maintenance, these may result in additional costs.
costs for the maintenance of a solar system

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