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Testing solar modules - ensuring performance

When and why test solar modules?

The Regular testing of solar panels is crucial to ensure that your solar system is working efficiently and reliably. These tests should be carried out for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, the tests make it possible to identify defects such as micro-cracks, damaged cabling or power loss before they can lead to more serious problems.
  • Secondly, tests ensure that the solar modules produce the expected amount of energy, maximising your investment. 
  • Thirdly, tests serve safety by recognising potential electrical hazards or damage at an early stage.

Ideally, solar panels should be checked regularly, especially after extreme weather events, to ensure they are in perfect condition. With our flash test, we assess the performance of your modules so that you can recognise and rectify any problems.

Have you bought new solar modules and would like to check the manufacturer's performance data? Or do you operate a solar park and want to test the performance of the solar modules? Whether it's a new installation or a quality check - our mobile flash tests are always worthwhile.

Qualitätsprüfung von Solarmodulen - Test mit mobilen Flasher

New installation: Compare the actual output of the solar modules with the manufacturer's specifications

When commissioning new solar modules or entire solar systems, you can be confident that the performance of the modules corresponds to the manufacturer's specifications. However, if you have any doubts about this, it is advisable to test the solar modules. In this way, you can ensure immediately after installation that your solar systems will deliver the maximum specified output.

Neuinstallation von Solarmodulen - Test mit mobilen Flasher

Quality inspection: Test existing solar modules and systems regularly before performance losses occur

Solar modules are subject to a natural ageing effect, defects can also occur over time. These sometimes become noticeable immediately, sometimes more gradually and can increase enormously over time. In order to recognise performance losses at an early stage and counteract them, we recommend that you test your solar modules regularly.

Request a quote for a flash test

Whether it's a new installation or an existing system - ask for a flash test for your solar system right away.

Testing solar modules with the flash test

flash Test is a standardised test procedure for determining the rated output of solar modules and solar cells. The solar cells are illuminated with a flash of light. The light is only applied for a few milliseconds and with an intensity of 1,000 W/m². This simulates the effect of sunlight on the module and the electrical output signal of the module in response to this light is measured. 

The tests are usually carried out at manufacturers to ensure that the modules fulfil certain performance standards and can also be used to assess the condition of existing modules. We carry out the flash tests directly at your premises! Within one day, you will receive meaningful results on the performance and reliability of your solar modules. You will receive a detailed evaluation with pictures of all defective areas within 7 working days. Or would you prefer a little less? We can also test smaller quantities directly at our headquarters in Elmenhorst. Please feel free to contact us.

✓ Flash tests at your premises

✓ At every location

✓ Uncomplicated test results

✓ Identification of defects

✓ Derivation of measures

✓ Approved, standardised tests

Step-by-step to the flash test

(1) Determine requirements

Decide in favour of a flash test when installing new modules, for regular checks or if a loss of performance is detected.

(2) Obtain an offer

Fast, reliable and uncomplicated: Get a quote and make an appointment with us, simply by phone or e-mail.

(3) Prepare modules

Prepare your modules for the flash test. All you need to do is dismantle and roughly clean the solar modules.


(4) On-site test

We come to you and carry out the flash test on site. You will receive a comprehensive evaluation within 7 working days.


(5) Derive measures

If defects or other anomalies are detected during the flash test, we will assist you with a possible repowering.


Further details on the flash test

Would you like to know in detail how we test your solar modules using the flash test? We have summarised all the information on the following page.

Ensuring performance - testing solar modules for quality control

We rely on the power of the sun and invest in solar modules. This innovative energy source supports sustainable business operations, enables cost savings and promotes the sustainable image of your company. It also offers attractive tax advantages. The long-term profitability of this investment is obvious.

However, caution is advised when purchasing solar modules. The quality assurance of many manufacturers is still inadequate. Damage caused by improper transport and storage, faulty batches, manufacturing defects, installation damage or storm damage is becoming increasingly common. Many defects that affect the service life of a solar module and thus significantly influence the quality of your solar power system cannot be recognised with the naked eye. It is therefore reassuring to have certainty about the quality, functionality and profitability of your solar modules. Distact Energy offers you this reassurance through fast, reliable and objective mobile inspections of your solar modules.

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Untersuchung eines Solarpanels
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