Repair and repowering of solar systems

Support for repowering your solar system

If you have discovered defects in your solar system during maintenance or a flash Test , a repair is necessary. Repowering, i.e. modernizing or upgrading existing solar systems, is also possible.

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Repair of solar systems

The Repair of solar systems requires careful planning and implementation to ensure that the work is carried out safely and effectively. Before carrying out repairs, also check whether your solar system is still under warranty. If necessary, you must bear in mind that work carried out by unauthorized persons can invalidate existing warranty claims.

Before starting repairs, a precise diagnosis of the problem is of course required. It is important to determine the cause of the fault or malfunction and identify the affected components. Also ensure that the correct spare parts and components are used that comply with the manufacturer's specifications. The use of inferior or incompatible parts can lead to further problems.

The basic rule for the repair itself is: safety comes first. Before starting repairs, the system must be properly switched off. This may require switching off the inverter or disconnecting the power supply. In addition, the necessary protective equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE), should be worn to avoid injury. Repairs to solar installations should be carried out by qualified professionals or solar technicians who have the necessary expertise and experience. If you do not have the necessary qualifications, you should not carry out repairs yourself.

Our recommendation: Keep a detailed record of the repairs carried out, including the parts replaced, the work carried out and the date and time of the repair. Tests and checks should also be carried out after the repairs to ensure that the system is working properly and performance has been restored. This may include measuring energy output and monitoring system performance.

Repowering - ask us!

In addition to our flash test, we also offer you complete support in repowering your solar systems.

Repowering of solar systems

Repowering of solar systems

Repowering solar installations refers to the modernisation or upgrading of existing solar installations in order to increase their output and efficiency. This process can include various measures to replace older or outdated solar modules and components with more modern and efficient ones. The aim of repowering is to extend the service life of the solar system and maximise energy production at the same time.

With these and other measures, repowering can help to make your solar installation more economical: With repowering, older solar modules can be replaced with more powerful and efficient modules that offer a higher energy yield. Modern inverters can optimise energy conversion and output.

An optimised mounting structure can improve the orientation and tilt of the modules to maximise solar gain. If the cabling is outdated or damaged, an upgrade can improve performance and increase reliability. More advanced monitoring systems also allow for more accurate performance monitoring and fault detection.

Whether you should consider repowering your solar installation depends on several factors. The age of the existing system is a particularly important consideration. After around 10 to 15 years, the efficiency of solar systems often declines. At the same time, new and more efficient technologies are available.

If your system reaches this point and energy production decreases, repowering can be a sensible option. In addition, increasing repair and maintenance costs over time play a decisive role for existing solar installations. If the profitability of your system is jeopardised, repowering can be more cost-effective in the long term.

A thorough economic analysis, taking into account the costs and expected energy yield, is crucial to determine the optimal time for repowering. This enables the long-term profitability and added value to be estimated and a well-founded investment decision to be made.

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