How we test your solar panels

Flash test (sun simulator test) - for quality control of your solar modules

Flash test directly at your premises

We offer you uncomplicated and reliable testing of your solar modules. The flash Test takes place directly on your premises. All you have to do is dismantle the modules and roughly clean them. We will provide you with the test results in a comprehensive test report.

✓ Flash tests of the latest generation

✓ Light source TÜV tested and standardised

✓ Testing of various module types

✓ Uncomplicated directly at your premises

✓ Recognising power losses

✓ Reveal hidden defects

Neuinstallation von Solarmodulen - Test mit mobilen Flasher

What are the benefits of a flash test?

With the help of a flash test (also known as a Flash test or flash test procedure, Sun simulator test) is used to check the electrical performance and quality of solar modules. On the one hand, the test can be used to check new solar systems with regard to the expected energy generation and the manufacturer's specifications. On the other hand, solar modules that have been in operation for some time can be tested to determine power losses and detect damage such as microcracks and inactive areas.

How does the flash test on solar panels work?

In short: In a flash test, the solar modules are "flashed" with light. Recorded characteristic curves provide information about the module performance and allow conclusions to be drawn about errors.

Formulated more comprehensively: After dismantling and basic cleaning, the the solar module is prepared for testing and connected to the test device. During the flash test,the solar module is exposed to a defined flash of light togenerate a standardised light intensity. During irradiation, thethe current-voltage characteristic curve ofmodule is measured. This means that the electrical voltage and current generated by the module are recorded under different lighting conditions.

The measurement results are then analysed to ensure that the module achieves the expected performance. The flash test compares the actual performance values with the manufacturer's specifications and may also show deviations from the standard due to defects or contaminations .

Ensure optimal efficiency

Use advanced technology now to check performance and ensure reliable power generation!

Details of the flash test with DISTACT Energy

Minimum panel size (w x l in mm):

800 x 890 mm

Maximum panel size (w x l in mm):

1400 x 2750 mm

Panel types

Framed and frameless glass-glass or glass-foil modules, bifacial solar modules, mono- or multicrystalline also PERC types, thin-film modules

Mobile Teststation für Solarpanels

The XXL flasher - flashes up to a module size of 2750 mm

Our flasher is designed for use directly in the field. The system offers an A+A+A+ LED sun simulator Ed. 3 for power and IV curve measurement and a high-resolution electroluminescence inspection in one. Integrated into our flash transporter, we can provide many important measurements directly on site. With our flasher, we reliably find underperforming modules and hidden defects (microcracks, inactive areas).

Highest test quality for meaningful quality control

The flasher contains an A+A+A+ LED sun simulator of the latest generation with a light source tested by TÜV Rheinland and constructed in accordance with IEC 60904-9 Ed.3. The 13 different LED types achieve a very good image of the solar spectrum. The extension of the spectrum, in particularin UV and IR range,allowsprecise measurement of a wide range of panel types, includinglich thin film, PERC and HJT panelsAdditionallythe flasher includes a high-resolution electroluminescence inspection with up to 30 MPixel. resolution.

Hidden defects, such as microcracks or inactive areas, can be quickly and reliably detected directly on site. An electrical connection test before the measurement is also included. 

The measurement results are automatically saved in the proven MBJ software with database on a 17-inch notebook. The evaluation of the measurements and the EL image can thus be done directly on site or later on your screen. After the panel measurements you will receive a comprehensive test report with statistical analysis in PDF format.

Flash test - technical details flasher

sun simulator:

  • full spectrum LED flash unit with long pulse
  • TÜV-Rheinland certified LED light source (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • spectrum Class A+ (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3, spectral match 300nm-1200nm)
  • long-term instability (LTI) < +/- 1% Class A+ (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • homogeneity inaccuracy < +/- 1% Class A+ (IEC 60904-9 Ed.3)
  • reproducibility of Pmax, flash to flash < +/- 0.2% (absolute)
  • sampling 16 bit / 50 kHz fully synchronous / configurable IV data recording time

electroluminescence test:

  • CMOS cameras with a total resolution of up to 30 MPixel
  • power supply with up to 250 V and 12 A
  • fully automatic image acquisition <5 seconds
  • manual EL image evaluation
Mobile Teststation für Solarpanels
MBJ LED Sun Simulator – Standard Spectrum

Flash test with LED for reproducible results

Discover the revolutionary LED technology of our sun simulators! Unlike conventional xenon technology, our LED technology solves a variety of known problems. Our LEDs offer an impressive usable pulse duration of up to 180 ms and exceptional stability of the light flash. 

With our LED-based solar simulators, we guarantee you outstanding reproducibility of results. Every test is precise and reliable, so you have access to accurate and reliable data. In addition, our solar simulators offer a perfect solution for new panel concepts such as bifacial panels or PERC panels. 

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Untersuchung eines Solarpanels
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