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Mobile flash tests directly on your premises

Check the performance of new and existing solar panels

Maximise the performance of your solar system with our flash test. flash Test. Our team will come directly to you and carry out the tests on site. Uncover potential problems and possible defects, optimise your energy production and protect your investment. Get a quote and make an appointment today to have your solar panels inspected.

Mobile flash test - your advantages at a glance

Our flash tests are carried out using the latest generation of test equipment. The light sources used are TÜV-tested and standardised. Distact Energy tests the the quality of your solar modules in its entirety or on the basis of random samples on your premises at any desired location. Within one day you will have clarity about the quality and profitability of your modules - now and in the future! Whether newly installed or already in operation for some time, whether as a precaution or for fault detection in the event of an already measurable loss of performance of your system - this is how you benefit from a flash test of your solar modules:

  • Performance review: The test evaluates the actual performance of the solar modules under standardised conditions to ensure that they produce the expected amount of energy.
  • Error detection: Potential problems such as micro-cracks, shading or cabling faults can be recognised at an early stage before they lead to serious problems.
  • Maximising energy production: By identifying and rectifying performance problems, you can increase the efficiency of your solar system and maximise your yields.
  • Extension of the service life: A flash test can help to extend the service life of solar modules by detecting damage or degradation at an early stage.
  • Safety: The test helps to identify and eliminate potential safety risks such as defective electrical connections.
  • Value preservation: A regular flash test can maintain the value of your solar installation and ensure that your investment remains profitable in the long term.

Ensure optimal efficiency

Use advanced technology to verify performance and ensure reliable energy generation!

Repowering of solar systems

Repowering of solar systems

If a flash test reveals problems with your modules, we can also help you with our in-house expertise. with repowering, i.e. with the modernisation of your system.

We provide you with comprehensive support, from identifying the necessary measures to planning, implementation and monitoring the technical improvements. 

Please contact us if you would like to repower your solar system independently of our tests.

Knowledge base: What you should know about your solar panels

Whether it's a new installation or an existing system - we have summarised the most important aspects that are crucial for the quality assurance of your solar panels. Find out about the performance of solar systems, typical defects in solar modules, cleaning, maintenance and repair of solar systems. We answer further questions about testing solar modules in our FAQ section.

DISTACT: from flash test to repowering - Energy since 2005

From roof systems to combined heat and power plants - the DISTACT group of companies led by Ulf Grimnitz from Elmenhorst near Rostock has been working in the energy sector since 2005. In the solar sector, in addition to our flash tests, we also offer project planning for ground-mounted photovoltaic parks and the construction of solar-carports. an.

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